On View

Vladimir Nemukhin, Zoya Frolova


Currently on view is a two-person exhibition with works by Zoya Frolova and Vladimir Nemukhin.

The gallery is presenting the first view of Frolova’s new work on canvas, Sunset, (2015). Strongly evident across the composition is its exquisite texture in oil, exuding the radiance of sun. Below the horizon emerges a cotton-wrapped figure the artist defines as “symbolic to the pending night’s contemplative moods.” By replicating the remarkable light of a sunset in an expressive and personal composition, Frolova engages the viewer in a dialogue between the imagination and the life’s journeys.

Born 1953 in Kharkov, Ukraine, Zoya Frolova completed her education at the Kharkov Art Institute in 1976 before moving to Riga, Latvia with husband and fellow artist Janis Jakobson. In 1990, the artistic pair permanently relocated to the New York area.

Zoya Frolova’s paintings have been internationally exhibited in the Centre Pompidou, (Paris), Corcoran Gallery, (Washington, DC), State Tretyakov Gallery, (Moscow), National Museum in Gdansk, with solo exhibitions in National Art Museum of Ukraine (Kiev) and Latvian National Museum of Art (Riga, Latvia), and private galleries in New York, Stockholm, Basel, Madrid, Brussels, and San Francisco.