Interiors July 30 - August 16, 2014

Edite Grinberga, Zoya Frolova


We are pleased to announce the addition of a new artist to the Mimi Ferzt Gallery, Edite Grinberga.

Ms. Grinberga, originally from Riga, Latvia attended the State Academy of Art studying painting as well as textile, costume and theater design. As a free lance artist she continued to develop full room installations replicating the ambience of her stylistic paintings. Her current body of work includes luminous paintings of interiors-basking in the sunlight with books, papers, chairs-decorating the spaces with personal objectivity.

Grinberga’s paintings defy the limits of neutral colors; white, grey, taupe, cream, by her meticulous technique of painterly blending. Layers upon layers of softness are brushed into the composition leaving unnoticeable differentiations between palette colors. This masterful technique allows for her elegant and mystical introduction of light. She uses the value of light and shadow to create a spectacular ambience through unseen windows, spilling energy throughout the canvas. Such as in the paintings of Dutch artist, Vermeer, the light eclipses the viewer with illusion and transparency. The sheerness of white fabrics, a few pages in a book, the crispness of a wooden chair, enliven each composition. Like Vermeer simple everyday objects become central to the story and open a dialogue with the viewer.

Her surfaces brilliantly vibrate with an alert energy, as if in a moment the light will change, and every line of light and shadow captured will be determined and consciously re-envisioned by the artist all over again.  For Edite, capturing this ever-changing light is her own fundamental, visceral and expressive element.

The paintings are currently on view in the gallery through Saturday the 16th of August.